Camp Quest Texas 2015    

August 1-8, 2015

YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, Hunt TX

(the same place as last year)


We have a new registration system, so registration is even easier.  Here are the main changes:


  • Everyone who completes an online registration is initially wait listed while we develop our summer programs and determine our needs.
  • Selection Process – Starting in April, we will begin interviewing and selecting wait listed volunteers.
  • Two Emails – All our documents are now electronic.  Immediately after you register, you will receive two emails.  If you do not see these emails within ten minutes, check your spam folder and verify that you are viewing all items including those that may automatically sort to another folder.  One email is your registration acknowledgement, and the second includes a link that allows you to access your account if you are selected as a volunteer so you can download, complete, and upload some additional documents no later than May 31, 2015.
  • Log on with a password – The first time you use our new system to register, you can specify a password.  (Your email address becomes your User ID).  After that, you can log on with your User ID and password to update your information as needed.
  • Easier future registrations – Once you register, your information stays in the system, so when you register for another Camp Quest event such as next year’s camp, all you have to do is update any information that has changed such as phones, addresses and medical information.  Similar to this year, you will initially be wait listed.
  • Requirements – In order to become a volunteer for this year’s camp, you must register online, pay for and pass a $30 annual background check if you are selected, take some online video courses and pass some online quizzes, attend a Saturday training session before camp, and have skills that are needed for the upcoming camp.


You are now ready to begin.

Click on the following link to register as a volunteer on our new Active Camps registration system: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CampQuestTexas#/selectSessions/865503