Camp Quest Texas 2015 is rapidly nearing capacity, and we truly regret that we are not be able to make room for every camper who would like to come to our camp this year.  We thank you for your understanding and for your continued support as our all-volunteer staff helps us grow as fast as we can into an ever larger organization able to accommodate more campers.
However, Camp Quest is a national organization, and there are still opportunities for your camper to have an amazing experience this summer at one of the other nearby camps. You can get the latest registration information for each camp nationwide by clicking on any of the camp names in the left column at
Again, we truly regret that we are not be able to make room for all interested campers this year.


Camp Quest Texas 2015    

August 2-8, 2015

YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, Hunt TX

(the same place as last year)      

Registration Fee: $625

We have a new registration system, so registration is even easier.  Here are the main changes:

  • Easy payments – More families will now be able to afford this year’s $625 registration fee because you can opt to make easy payments for the remaining balance after you pay the first $100 as part of your online registration.  Payments will automatically be charged to your credit card based on the payment schedule you set up.  This service is offered at no additional charge.
  • Payment deadlineFull payment must be received no later than May 31, 2015.  We normally have a long wait list, and we cannot hold an incomplete registration past that date.
  • Log on with a password – The first time you use the new system to register a camper, you create a password.  (Your email address becomes your User ID).  After that, you can log on with your User ID and password to update your information, your camper’s info and second parent’s info as needed.  In addition, your campers are linked to your parent information, so you can now register multiple campers at the same time without reentering your parent information for each camper.  (But campers needing financial aid cannot be registered at the same time as campers who don’t need aid.)
  • Easier future registrations – Once a camper has been registered, that camper’s information stays in the system, so when you register that camper for another Camp Quest event such as next year’s camp, all you have to do is update any information that has changed such as T-Shirt size, grade in school, and maybe medical information.
  • Two Emails – All our forms are now electronic.  Immediately after you register, you will receive two emails.  If you do not see both of these emails within five minutes, check your spam folder and verify that you are viewing all items including those that may automatically sort to another folder.  One email is your payment receipt, and the second email includes links to additional documents, some of which you must download, complete, and return no later than May 31, 2015.  You’ll get further information about those additional documents when you receive that second email.
  • Wait List – When you register a camper, clicking on a green “Add” button normally starts the online registration process.  But when camp gets full, that green “Add” button changes to a gray “Wait List” button.  The rest of the online registration process does not change, except that no fees are due for wait listed campers.
  • Acceptance from the Wait List – Prior to camp, a bunk may become available even though the camp was previously full.   If that happens, we will notify you, and you have the option to either accept the registration and make a payment, or ask that your camper be removed from the Wait List.
  • Requesting Financial Aid – If your camper needs some financial aid, you should register by choosing one of the categories that start with the words “Need Fin.Aid” on the first registration page, e.g., “Need Fin.Aid Boys (08-12).”  Donors fund our registration fee reductions.  The amount of money available varies from year to year, and we try to stretch it as far as possible, but we may not be able to meet your financial need.
  • Financial Aid award amounts – If we are able to meet your need, we may be able to reduce your $625 registration fee to $500, $375, or even $250 per camper, depending on your actual need and the money available.  To be considered for financial aid, the first $100 of that reduced registration fee per camper must be paid as part of your online registration.    If we are unable to provide the aid you need, then your deposit and any payments you have made will be refunded in full.
  • Financial Aid award dates – Our goal is to let you know if we can offer the aid you need by mid-May.  Since the registration system does not know if we will be able to provide the aid you need, the checkout page will show $625 due with $100 of that due now—leaving a balance of $525 on a payment plan.  If we are able to offer aid, we will reduce that $525 remaining balance to the actual amount due, and that will also reduce the payments due on the payment plan.  If we are not able to offer aid, we will refund your $100 and cancel the remaining balance before any of it is due.
  • Pay by major credit card – You must use a major credit card to pay the registration fees.  We cannot accept cash or checks.  If you do not have a credit card, you can purchase a prepaid card for a nominal fee at many stores including Wal-Mart.


You are now ready to begin. 

Register now by clicking here:


Fee Refund Schedule

Camp Quest Texas is a 100% volunteer organization operating on a tight budget.  When a camper registers for camp, we incur expenses that are not recoverable.  Even so, we recognize that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and campers must cancel.  We have developed the following refund schedule in the belief that it is fair to both parents and Camp Quest Texas.

Cancellation Date Refund Amount
Prior to April 3, 2015 Fees paid to date*
April 3 thru June 2, 2015 Fees paid to date minus $100
June 3 thru July 2, 2015 Max. of $100 of fees paid to date
After July 2, 2015 No refund
*A donation of $30 to help cover our costs would be appreciated


We also recognize that sometimes campers develop serious health issues that might jeopardize the other campers, or that they must be hospitalized for other reasons, or that they are experiencing unforeseen serious life changing events.  In those special cases we ask that you contact, and we will do what we can.