Are campers at Camp Quest Texas required to be atheists?

No. Campers at Camp Quest are encouraged to think for themselves and are not required to hold any particular view. Our emphasis is on critical thought, rather than unquestioned faith.


What options do I have if the dates/location of Camp Quest Texas don’t work for me?

There are other Camp Quests throughout the country, all with similar values and programs. For information about the dates and activities of the other Camp Quests please check out this list.


What ages of children are eligible for Camp Quest Texas?

Children age 8 to 17 are welcome to attend. 16 and 17 year olds are invited to be Counselors-in-Training (CITs) in addition to being campers.


Are there Camperships?

We never want financial concerns to prevent a child from attending Camp Quest Texas. You may apply for financial aid here.


What are the daily activities?

Activities include science experiments, debates, hiking, swimming, canoes, camp fires, stargazing, crafts and more.


How many kids generally attend? What are their age brackets? What about boys vs. girls?

In 2009, we had approximately 30 kids participate in our first event, a day camp in Collin County. Our first residential week-long summer camp was held in 2010, which had 34 campers total. There were 14 campers between the ages of 8 and 12, and 20 campers between the ages of 13 and 18. Among the campers, there were 21 boys and 13 girls. For our 2011 summer camp, we had 64 campers, with 33 boys and 31 girls. For our 2012 summer camp there were 80 campers, with 35 boys and 45 girls.


Who are the counselors and how are they chosen?

Counselors are volunteers who apply to work as staff members during our summer camp and other events. Counselors are chosen based on their teaching experience, camp experience, and ability to work with kids.


Do you do criminal background checks on staff?

Yes! We do criminal background checks on all staff (new and returning) every year.


Can I contact some other parents who have registered to come?

Yes! Send us an email and put in the comments that you’d like to be put in touch with other parents. We will pass them along!


I want to help, what can I do?

Thank you for your interest! Please visit our Donate or Volunteer page for more information!


I want to contact someone about including Camp Quest in a media piece or publication that I am working on. Who should I contact?

Please email info@campquesttexas.org if you are seeking information about Camp Quest Texas for media or publication purposes.