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Camp Quest Texas

Do you want to have a fun-filled week making new friends, enjoying unique experiences, and having a positive impact on young campers?

Camp Quest Texas is looking for volunteers to help staff our 2019 camp. Volunteers get to enjoy the benefits of being at a summer camp while providing leadership and mentoring to campers. Camp Quest has been a place where campers have found acceptance, friendship, and fun while also providing an environment where they can learn. Volunteers often find their week at camp to be an amazing and impactful experience.

Volunteers fill a variety of needs while at camp. Traditionally, most volunteers are Cabin Counselors. Cabins will have at least two counselors and around 12 campers. In this critical role, counselors have a powerful opportunity to build close relationships with awesome kids, and are responsible for the overall well-being of their campers. In their role, counselors function as a mentor and leader, responsible for everything from getting campers to activities to conflict management and group bonding. While being a cabin counselor can be difficult at times, counselors who return year after year claim Camp Quest to be the most rewarding week of their life.

Camp Quest designs several activities specifically geared toward our goals of promoting science and sharpening critical thinking skills. These programs, along with supervising traditional camp activities, require volunteers to be Program Leaders. These leaders range from subject matter experts designing and leading their own activities to novices who run programs prepared for them.

Historically, many volunteers fulfill dual roles by being a Cabin Counselor during cabin time and meals while also running programs during the day. This leads to a very busy day for our volunteers so we make an effort to make sure everyone has at least one extended break during the day and an opportunity to join volunteer-only activities each night.

Volunteering at Camp Quest can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity which is why many of our volunteers have returned year after year.

This year’s camp runs June 16-22 and volunteers arrive on the 15th to prepare for the campers.

If you would like to apply to be a volunteer or would like additional information, please email volunteering@campquesttexas.org