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A Day in the Life of a Camp Quest Camper

After a great night of sleep, you’ll wake up excited about the day! You’ll get ready among the new friends you’ve made in your cabin. With your cabin group, you’ll go to the dining hall for breakfast.

When you’re done eating, you’ll have some cherished (supervised) free time to socialize with campers from all cabins. Then you’ll hear announcements, encouragement, and the challenge of the day. Then it’s time for you to rocket off to your outdoor activities!

You get to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures with diverse outdoor fun. Some days you’ll hike through natural surroundings hunting for signs of wildlife; others, you’ll take on challenges using only your brain, a map, and your team members. Some mornings will be perfect for taking water samples and catching aquatic invertebrates, all while canoeing!

After your outdoor activities, you’ll be totally ready to have some lunch and take a break in your cabin.

After cabin time, you’ll stay cool enjoying made-in-the-shade activities. Have you ever seen a human skull? Have you ever held one? What about non-Newtonian fluid? Have you ever seen what that can do? You and your friends will learn about your world in fascinating, hands-on ways and you’ll be challenged to always think outside the box.

When the sun is a little lower in the sky, it’ll be perfect weather for great outdoor activities like swimming and sports, or perhaps it will be your cabin’s turn for the challenge course! You’ll have so much fun you’ll probably be sad when it’s time for dinner!

Or maybe you’ll be glad, because you’ll know that after dinner, you get to brainstorm with your cabin-mates to work on your skit or challenge for the evening! Then it’ll be time for the CAMPFIRE!

At the campfire, you’ll sing songs, laugh, get wild and crazy with your friends, look for shooting stars, and wish the night could go on forever. But soon enough, it’ll be time to go back to the cabin to get ready for bed, and sleep well for your next amazing day at Camp Quest!

And this is just ONE day at Camp Quest! You’re gonna have a blast! So come join us, and invite your friends!

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