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2017 Camp Announcement

There have been some exciting new developments at Camp Quest Texas!

  • We’ve been able to get earlier dates for next year’s summer camp: June 18 – 24, 2017
  • Our volunteers plan to have our registration system ready early next year — we’ll let you know when we have a firm date
  • We were able to get a different, larger campground: YMCA Camp Ray Bean at Possum Kingdom Lake west of Ft. Worth

Camp Ray Bean is next door to YMCA Camp Grady Spruce, the site of a couple of our earlier camps, and it’s part of the Grady Spruce family of camps.

This campground has 14 cabins in 7 buildings, and lots of indoor and outdoor space for activities.

This is the Dining Hall. All food is prepared on site, and there will be plenty of options for those with allergies and other dietary needs. This room is also an Activity Center.

Below is the Retreat Center where our volunteer staff will sleep, except for a few Cabin Counselors who stay with the campers in the cabins. If you’d like to be one of those volunteers and work with some of the most awesome kids you’ve ever met, please click on the “Join Our Team” button at the end.

There are two cabins per building with a couple of bunks and storage space upstairs. Each building has a kitchenette.

The campground includes a large multi-purpose athletic field and a crafts shed with a kiln and throwing wheel. Our water activities will include swimming, a blob, and possibly even boat rides to the nearby island for nature studies.

This is another one of the Activity Centers.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. You do not have to attend camp in order to help. We have tasks that can done on your computer from your own home starting right now. If you would like to help us conduct the most awesome camp yet, and you have not already done so, please click here and indicate your interests.

It takes a village to raise a child. Thank you for being a part of our really cool village!

Don Lewellyn
President, Camp Quest Texas